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Category antiquarian book
Author / Composer BERLIN, Johan Daniel (1714-1787)
Title Musicaliske Elementer eller Anleedning til Forstand paa De første Ting udi Musiquen hvor udi Den Musicaliske Signatur I den Bruug som den nu haves hos de fleeste, saa ogsaa Applicaturen paa nogle saa kaldre strygende og bloesende Instrumenter og andet meere Musiquen tilhorende; for dem, som ere Elstere af at laegge tet Grund til at forstaae det Musicaliske Vaesen, fort og tydeligen anført, fuldfærdiget og udgivet ved Johann Daniel Berlin.
Place Tronhiem
Publisher Tryst paa Autors Bekostning af Jens Christ. Winding
Publication Date 1744
ISBN / Plate No.
Size Oblong 8vo. [viii (title, contents, foreword)], 130, [i] pp.
Description Original plain wrappers (a little stained and marked), preserved in a modern quarter leather slipcase. Engraved. Early ownership signature of Mathias Berlin (?relation of the author); from the collection of Christopher Hogwood (1941-2014). "Berlin was probably the most exceptional and versatile figure in 18th-century Trondheim: he not only conscientiously carried out his duties as city musician, but published books and papers on a variety of subjects (including music theory, meteorology and astronomy); he arranged concerts, composed, and built instruments; he was for many years the head of the city fire-service and inspector of the city waterworks; he was a map designer and architect; and he owned one of the largest collections of music literature and instruments in Norway. His Musikalske elementer is the first Danish-Norwegian music textbook and is still considered an instructive and comprehensive work. His papers on other subjects were published by the Royal Norwegian Scientific Association, of which he was a founder-member (1760). In 1746 Berlin built a keyboard viola da gamba which he called ‘cembalo da gamba verticale’, in 1751 a piano with a pedal and in 1752 a monochord; in addition he constructed a mechanism to enable him to play loud and soft on his Haas harpsichord" (Grove Online).
Reference Rare. RISM B/VI/1 pp.139-140 references just two copies. WorldCat references just four copies.
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